Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Basics: 11215 The Way We Get By in Park Slope

Meghan is the consummate good friend and she’s cat sitting again in beautiful Park Slope, Brooklyn. She’s taken the
F Train to 7th Avenue for the key exchange, but her friend is running two hours behind. Nannies and Mommies are pushing double wide strollers into her shins and she hasn’t even had her first cup of joe. Clearly, she needs a hand. 

Co-Fi: Gorilla Coffee 95 5th Avenue@Park Place MAP
Strong, fair trade coffee, tasty snacks, multiple places to plug in,
good people watching

Bobo Tapas: Joe’s Pizza 137 7th Ave at Carroll Street MAP
A very tasty plain slice runs you $2.50, and served up by the last guy that broke
Meghan’s heart.

Sanctuary: Green Space President Street at 5th Avenue MAP
“Community-kempt” garden with a few benches for eating reading, and relaxing.

Public Toilet: Barnes and Noble 7th Avenue at 6th Street MAP
A covert, sanitary bungalow, nestled downstairs. Hang a left after the Lit Section

Meetup Spot: Great Lakes Bar 284 5th Avenue at 1st Street MAP
Great jukebox, relaxed atmosphere, 3rd beer is usually free because the bartenders
are awesome

Jen’s Bonus Track:
Alta Voce 318B 5th Avenue between 2nd and 3rd streets MAP
Italian, gorgeous atmosphere, garden dining, average meal (enough to split) is $9,
bottle wine specials, killer desserts

Meghan’s Bonus Track:
Kinara 473 5th Avenue at 11th Street MAP
Indian, Lunch Special: appetizer, entree and naan for $11,
fantastic chiken tikka masala