Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Basics 10019: Upper Midtown West Side, Represent!

Meghan and Jen have just spent a beautiful fall day lounging in the Sheep's Meadow at Central Park. They are going to see a fantastic Broadway musical tonight, but there's still some time to explore lands south of the park. The choices seem to appease the many tourists in this neighborhood, but don't appeal to us locals. Good thing we've got a link to The Basics, NYC saved in our smart phones. How meta are we?

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CoFi: Bis.Co.Latte Hand Made Biscotti 
667 10th Ave between 46th and 47th Streets 
MAP Who knew there were so many different kinds of biscotti in the world?

Bobo Tapas: Bouchon Bakery 
10 Columbus Circle 
MAP This ain't your momma's bag lunch.

Sanctuary: The Atrium at 1 WorldWide Plaza 
MAP A wide open space with tons of tables and chairs

Public Toilet: The Mandarin Oriental Hotel 
80 Columbus Circle 35th Floor 
MAP You just might want to move in.

Meetup Spot: West Side Sushi (AKA Sumee Sushi) 
717 9th Avenue at 49th Street 
MAP Super fresh rolls, not super costly.

Meghan’s Bonus Track: Ars Nova 
511 W. 54th Street between 10th and 11th Ave 
MAP Let them entertain you: cabarets, theatre, 
and music with a friendly vibe

Jen’s Bonus Track: Paley Center for Media 
25 W. 52nd Street between 5th and 6th Ave 
MAP Geek out on some television and radio history.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

10001: No Man's Land/Where the Heck Am I?

Jen. Meghan. Caught in void.  Caged bird. Trapped between Midtown and Chelsea in a nebulous neighborhood with no name. Need help. Please respond.

Not to fear, lonely listener. The Budget Conscious New Yorkers are on the case.

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Co-Fi: The Antique Café 234 West 27th ST. MAP
     clean, calm, laid back, great coffee

Bobo Tapas: Pizza Suprema (AKA Il Mare Pizza) 413 8th Ave MAP
          good slices, 1970’s roller rink-inspired

Sanctuary 1: Fashion Institute of Technology: 7th Ave at 27th Street MAP
quiet and indoors

Sanctuary 2: Various 10001 Plant Shops around 27th and 28th Streets MAP
tranquil and green
Public Toilet: Macy’s 151 W. 34th Street MAP
Try the 7th floor bathroom, and chase your thrills on the wooden escalators.

Meetup Spot: Witchcraft 555 5th Avenue MAP
Simple ingredients yield yummy results.

Jen’s Bonus Track: 32nd Street Between 5th and 6th Aves in Koreatown MAP
private karaoke rooms and  an international experience

Meghan’s Bonus Track: The Magnet Theatre 254 W 29th St MAP
$5 for 2 improv shows, $1 PBRs, Free Pizza on Thursdays!

NAME THIS NEIGHBORHOOD CONTEST: Get creative, dear listener! If you can name this No Man's Land, there will be a prize in it for you. Honestly, we don't know what it is, but there will be something, AND, you will acheive world fame when we announce your name  in an upcoming podcast! Leave us a comment or shoot us an email!

Thanks so much for continuing to spread the word about The Basics, NYC! Please keep it up!