Thursday, January 28, 2010

10023: A Food and Wine Paradiso

Actress, producer, director, editor, and everythinger, Sayle Milne introduces us to her Upper West Side turf. This Tennessee native navigates us through what could potentially be an expensive neighborhood to spend the day in. Listen closely for Jen's subtle change in accent. Southern is contagious.

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CoFi: Cosi. Great people watching along Broadway, and noone is going to shuttle you out.

Public Bathroom: Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Come in for the toilet, come out smelling like cinnamon potpourri.

Bobo Tapas: Gray's Papaya.  Tasty, cheap dogs and reference #1 to Salma Hayek. See if you can figure it out.

Sanctuary: The Promenade and Pier at 72nd Street and The Hudson River. Boat watching, and people shaking their bon bons in public spaces.

Meetup Spot: Riposo 72: Friendly, romantic, great wine and tapas. Sayle says to ask for Steve. I'm not sure what you should say to him after that, but just ask for Steve.

Sayle's Bonus Tracks:
La Vela Ristoraunte.  If you asked them to make you a block of parmesan cheese from scratch, they might just do it for you.
Levain Bakery. Chocolate chip goodness the size of hubcaps.

Jen's Bonus Track: Cafe Frida.  Latin Fusion with a Mexican base. Two words: Fish tacos. BAM.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haircutting Marathon for Haiti!

Hi, all!

A new podcast is coming out this evening, but until then, please check out the following event: Every week, we're going to dedicate one Bonus Track to some sort of excellent fundraiser.

If you hear of anything at all, please shoot us an email at This week's is particularly excellent. Here's the Facebook Event Page.

24 Hour Haircutting Marathon to Benefit Haiti at Dickson Hairshop!!!
Start Time:
Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 12:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 12:00pm
137 Allen Street


Dickson Hairshop
137 Allen St.
New York, NY 10002
Phone: (212) 260-5625
Mobile: (917) 697-1831

24-Hour Haircutting Marathon To Benefit Haiti, Hosted By Dickson Hairshop

Lower Eastside - January 30, 2010 - Beginning at 12pm Saturday, the 30th and continuing for 24 hours until 12pm on Sunday the 31st, the stylists of Dickson Hairshop as well as guest stylists from salon’s Woodley and Bunny and Arrojo, will be giving haircuts to benefit the relief efforts in Haiti.

All haircuts are by donation and all proceeds will go to Haiti, through the Red Cross.
Haircuts with these stylists range from 45 to 245, though no donation too small or too great will be turned down.

This event is located at Dickson Hairshop at 137 Allen St. New York, NY 10002.

Throughout the 24 hours, drinks and snacks (and maybe a sleeping bag) will be provided, as all are encouraged to stop by and donate, whether needing a haircut or not.

If you’d like more information about this, please contact Severin Dickson at (917) 697-1831 or

About Dickson Hairshop
Dickson Hairshop serves the communities of downtown nyc and beyond, providing hair services for the people, by the people.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

11231: A Continuation: Ariel's Guide To Successful Zip Codes

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Comedian Ariel Carson takes us on a delightful romp through her favorite zip.

CoFi: Naidres: Where Ariel Tips Big
502 Henry Street at Sackett Street.

Public Bathroom: Brooklyn Public Library: Catch up on your classics!
396 Clinton Street between Union and Sackett

Sanctuary: Red Hook Fairway and surrounding area: Judy Garland preserved. Clang, Clang, Clang.
500 Van Brunt St right at the water

Meetup Spot: An Old Fashioned joint.
Brooklyn Social
335 Smith Street Between Carol and President

Mazzola Bakery
192 Union Street @ Henry

Ariel’s Bonus Track: Half price flicks!
Cobble Hill Cinema
265 Court Street At Butler St.

Jen’s Bonus Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pie: Sweet God, yes.
204 Van Dyke St(between Conover St & Van Brunt St)

Go support Ariel this Friday night and become her fan on facebook.
Ariel’s Guide to Successful Living Presents “Pillow Talk”
A Live Talk Show @ The Creek & Cave
Friday, January 21 10pm
10-93 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY
7 Train to Vernon/Jackson

Thursday, December 31, 2009


A new episode and a new season are coming for the New Year! Stay tuned!

Monday, December 7, 2009

11201: I Fell In Love With a Borough in Brooklyn Heights(ish)

Our lovely guest host, Sarah, takes us through the neighborhood she fell in love with in the borough she fell in love with.

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CoFi: Tea Lounge She's a little smaller than her Park Slope sister, but you can crack open your laptop and split the tea for one just as easily.

Bobo Tapas: Waterfalls Cafe Get full on four bucks? Please DO go chasin' these waterfalls.

Sanctuary: Cobble Hill Park. Strollers, benches, and a little bit of Buddha. No turf wars here.

Public Bathroom: Trader Joe's. Conveniently located by the coffee and samples counter.

Meetup Spot: Tazza on Henry Street. Warm, inviting, yum on the go and delish for a cozy night out.

Jen's Bonus Track: Sahadi Importing Co. The best fresh hummus in Brooklyn. Hands-down.

Sarah's Bonus Track: Bookcourt. Roomy indy bookstore with a knowledgeable, highly- literate staff.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

10002: Movin' On Down to the (Lower) East Side (to a deluxe tenement in the sky?)

For full reviews on all of our recommendations,
Do you feel rad? I mean, like really rad? Even on the Lower East Side? Chances are, unless you're Jim Jarmusch, you probably don't. Well, enter The Basics. We'll show you how to pass for rad or, at the very least, help you to avoid a frenzied panic looking for a public toilet.

***Educate Yourself***
The term "hookers" comes from The Lower East Side. It's true! Way back when this area was known as Corlear's Hook. The "hook" was a naturally occuring landmark in the shoreline for navigators along the east river but has now been obscured by landfill. The street walkers here were known as hookers. Knowledge is power.

Co-FiRoasting Plant Coffee lets you blend your own cup of awesomeness. Beautiful atmosphere. Individually-roasted cups of coffee.  Closer to radness then ever before. MAP

Bobo Tapas: The Dumpling House (aka Vanessa's Dumpling House). Not quite white tablecloth but we don't mind. One of Meghan's all time favorites. The sesame pancake is almost perfect, pile on some Sriracha and you'll understand why millions of our ancestors fled their home country to live in cramped tenements a few short steps from this very location.

Sanctuary: Clinton Street If the economy keeps at it, we may all be living here some day soon!

Public Bathroom: A virtually deserted and placid Whole Foods. This means no competition for samples.

Meetup Spot: Clandestino great wine selection amongst other things at this perfect first date bar. MAP

Bonus Tracks:
Jen finally feels securely-rad enough to suggest Economy Candy! Try the Mozart Kugeln!

Fun interactive tours. Learn a little something, why don't you?! MAP

Remember, if you have a recommendation for us--Whether it's a great neighborhood to cover on the podcast, or even a little bookstore that nobody knows about, you can email us, tweet at us, leave us a comment below, or you can leave us a voicemail using the "Call Me" button at the top of the page.

Next week, a special guest host takes us through one of Brooklyn's most historic neighborhoods.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful in NYC

This Thanksgiving week, we've asked you to host the podcast. For the full reviews, you can listen to the podcast here, or subscribe to us on iTunes here.

Here are the top-notch recommendations you called in with:

Joe The Art of Coffee
9 E 13th St‬
‪New York, NY 10003‬

Blue Smoke

116 E 27th St # A‬
‪New York, NY 10016

Fez Cafe

240 Prospect Park W‬
‪Brooklyn, NY 11215-5842

Pita Joe's

2 West 14th St‬
‪New York, NY 10011‬

Rainbow Falafel
26 E 17th St # A‬
‪New York, NY 10003


202 Mott St # C
New York, NY 10012

Famous Ben's Pizza

177 Spring St‬
‪New York, NY 10012

Japanese Hill and Pond Garden @ Brooklyn Botanic Garden

‪1000 Washington Ave‬
‪Brooklyn, NY 11225

Callen Lorde Community Clinic
356 W 18th St
New York, NY 10011

Signature Theatre Co
‪555 W 42nd St‬
‪New York, NY 10036‬ Alice's Teacup
102 W 73rd St
New York, NY 10023

Stella Maris
213 Front St
New York, NY 10038

Winter's Eve @ Lincoln Square

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone, and thanks so much for coming back to us each and every week.

A HUGE thanks must go out to Joe at The Forum for the Google Voice invite, without which, this podcast would not have been possible.