Thursday, December 31, 2009


A new episode and a new season are coming for the New Year! Stay tuned!

Monday, December 7, 2009

11201: I Fell In Love With a Borough in Brooklyn Heights(ish)

Our lovely guest host, Sarah, takes us through the neighborhood she fell in love with in the borough she fell in love with.

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CoFi: Tea Lounge She's a little smaller than her Park Slope sister, but you can crack open your laptop and split the tea for one just as easily.

Bobo Tapas: Waterfalls Cafe Get full on four bucks? Please DO go chasin' these waterfalls.

Sanctuary: Cobble Hill Park. Strollers, benches, and a little bit of Buddha. No turf wars here.

Public Bathroom: Trader Joe's. Conveniently located by the coffee and samples counter.

Meetup Spot: Tazza on Henry Street. Warm, inviting, yum on the go and delish for a cozy night out.

Jen's Bonus Track: Sahadi Importing Co. The best fresh hummus in Brooklyn. Hands-down.

Sarah's Bonus Track: Bookcourt. Roomy indy bookstore with a knowledgeable, highly- literate staff.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

10002: Movin' On Down to the (Lower) East Side (to a deluxe tenement in the sky?)

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Do you feel rad? I mean, like really rad? Even on the Lower East Side? Chances are, unless you're Jim Jarmusch, you probably don't. Well, enter The Basics. We'll show you how to pass for rad or, at the very least, help you to avoid a frenzied panic looking for a public toilet.

***Educate Yourself***
The term "hookers" comes from The Lower East Side. It's true! Way back when this area was known as Corlear's Hook. The "hook" was a naturally occuring landmark in the shoreline for navigators along the east river but has now been obscured by landfill. The street walkers here were known as hookers. Knowledge is power.

Co-FiRoasting Plant Coffee lets you blend your own cup of awesomeness. Beautiful atmosphere. Individually-roasted cups of coffee.  Closer to radness then ever before. MAP

Bobo Tapas: The Dumpling House (aka Vanessa's Dumpling House). Not quite white tablecloth but we don't mind. One of Meghan's all time favorites. The sesame pancake is almost perfect, pile on some Sriracha and you'll understand why millions of our ancestors fled their home country to live in cramped tenements a few short steps from this very location.

Sanctuary: Clinton Street If the economy keeps at it, we may all be living here some day soon!

Public Bathroom: A virtually deserted and placid Whole Foods. This means no competition for samples.

Meetup Spot: Clandestino great wine selection amongst other things at this perfect first date bar. MAP

Bonus Tracks:
Jen finally feels securely-rad enough to suggest Economy Candy! Try the Mozart Kugeln!

Fun interactive tours. Learn a little something, why don't you?! MAP

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Next week, a special guest host takes us through one of Brooklyn's most historic neighborhoods.