Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful in NYC

This Thanksgiving week, we've asked you to host the podcast. For the full reviews, you can listen to the podcast here, or subscribe to us on iTunes here.

Here are the top-notch recommendations you called in with:

Joe The Art of Coffee
9 E 13th St‬
‪New York, NY 10003‬

Blue Smoke

116 E 27th St # A‬
‪New York, NY 10016

Fez Cafe

240 Prospect Park W‬
‪Brooklyn, NY 11215-5842

Pita Joe's

2 West 14th St‬
‪New York, NY 10011‬

Rainbow Falafel
26 E 17th St # A‬
‪New York, NY 10003


202 Mott St # C
New York, NY 10012

Famous Ben's Pizza

177 Spring St‬
‪New York, NY 10012

Japanese Hill and Pond Garden @ Brooklyn Botanic Garden

‪1000 Washington Ave‬
‪Brooklyn, NY 11225

Callen Lorde Community Clinic
356 W 18th St
New York, NY 10011

Signature Theatre Co
‪555 W 42nd St‬
‪New York, NY 10036‬ Alice's Teacup
102 W 73rd St
New York, NY 10023

Stella Maris
213 Front St
New York, NY 10038

Winter's Eve @ Lincoln Square

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone, and thanks so much for coming back to us each and every week.

A HUGE thanks must go out to Joe at The Forum for the Google Voice invite, without which, this podcast would not have been possible.

Friday, November 20, 2009

What NYC establishment are you most thankful for?

Hello, everyone! Please tell us what nook, cranny, business, park, theatre, etc. that YOU are most thankful for! Your message will be featured in our Ultra-Fantastic Super Grande Listener Thanks Episode on Nov 22, just in time for Thanksgiving!

Use the "call me" button directly to the right of this post. You will be prompted for your phone number and name.  Standard long distance rates apply to your phone call, and  you will NOT be spammed for using the service-It's a brand new Google Voice feature, so it's very sound!

We've gotten some great and unexpected NYC picks already, so please let loose, and don't be shy!
We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Chinatown, 10013: It's All About the Experiences

When Meghan's friends come into town, they only have one thing on their minds: Shopping! While everyone loves the deals that can be found in Chinatown 10013 on bags, clothing and lots and lots of stuff, Meghan's out to find some deals of her own: basics style. If you think it'd be super easy to find everything on her list without breaking the bank or losing her mind, you'd better think again! 

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Co(ffee): When in know. And when in Chinatown try the bubble tea at tai pan bakery. Located at 194 Canal between Mott and Mulberry. Meghan is one up on her friends in the deals deptartment already.

Wi(reless internet): Oh, we tried and oh we failed, sort of. Please let us know if you have any luck at the Barnes and Noble at 40 Worth St. Technically the New York Law School Bookstore. The Basics does not condone nor can be held responsible for any disguises or decievement of the book store staff. Especially attractive future lawyers.

Bobo Tapas: Meghan's friends are still shopping! This little thriftster needs something to tide her over so she heads to Hong Kong Station located at 45 Bayard St.For $3, you get a generous portion of soup complete with ingredients of your choice. It's a steal even for chinatown!

Sanctuary: All this exploring of new tastes can make a girl need some quiet space but we'll settle for the somewhat bustling Colombus Park located at 67 Mulberry St. Fortune tellers, cobblers and a basketball court make this a truly unique experience.

Public Toilet: Believe us when we say: we tried. Oh! How we tried...but you'll have to settle for the Chinatown Starbucks. The less we say, the better. Though, the authentic chinese decor does make it feel like no other starbucks in the world. Atleast on the outside.

Meet up Spot: What we lack in public toilets, we make up for AWESOME BARS. Winnie's is located at 104 Bayard St.$1 Karoke, strong drinks and no nonsense bartenders make this well worth the long line at starbucks. It's a total eclipse of the heart....

Meghan's Bonus Track: Totally Jealous of her friends' new clothes, Meghan suggests Built by Wendy. A bit out of her price range, but a girl can dream, or at least enjoy this amazing local designer, can't she?

Jen's Bonus Track: Jen suggests something more practical, but just as luxurious. Fishon Herb Center at 107 Mott between Canal and Hester is much more than meets the eye with $40/hr massages.

 Tell us what places in New York City YOU are most thankful for! Record YOUR Bonus Track and be featured in our very special Thanksgiving episode by using the "Voicemail" button at the top right part of this page. Please leave the name, address, and any details about your pick that you find exciting or unique. Don't forget to leave us your name and where you're from!

Monday, November 9, 2009

All Roads Meet in 10017

Grand Central. The place where all roads meet. In a perfect world, every weary traveler would have all their needs within arms reach. But this is not a perfect world: this is one of the busiest thoroughfares in New York City: 10017. Lucky for all you weary travelers, Jen used to temp around here and can help us navigate this complex area like the pro she is.

(and one of the best real life stories of all time!)
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Co-fi: Cosi. Also known as “not starbucks”. Cosi has a reliable and everflowing wi-fi policy. The s’mores platter alone raises it above the average chain. MAP

Bobo Tapas: Grand Central Market Look at this stuff! Isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think...oh, wait. I've just been informed we can't use the appropriate song that expresses our emotions about expressing our emotions about this awesome land of food. Located within Grand Central, it's a whole new world.

Sanctuary: Fittingly, this atrium is located at 420 Lexington. A restful place with little known  side effects.

Public Bathroom: The toilets at Grand Central are really, really lovely. All roads and streams meet here.

Meet up Spot: Campbell Apt. located inside the terminal is a classy, classic joint any one would be lucky to drink in. Make sure you've got the proper attire. It's dressy-casual! MAP

Bonus Tracks: Meghan suggests some art deco architecture at the Chrysler Building.

Jen is a huge Superman fan (see pictures from comicon)and suggests the Giant Globe at the Daily News Building. It was the model for the Daily Planet building in the first two Superman movies. MAP

Alright, friends---Enjoy your reverse commute! Most likely it's Westchester.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

11238: Prospect Heights: We're Going (going) Back (back) to Brooklyn (Brooklyn)

11238, Prospect Heights is a wealth of secret treasures. For instance,  did you know that the hit film Notorious based on the life of rap superstar Biggie Smalls was, in part, filmed on these very tree lined streets? Well it's true! Jen's here to walk the swag and talk the rhymes, but can she afford to do it without having to hustle? Let's find out!

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Co-fi: Jen's out here a little early for a player, so she needs a bit of a pick me up. Outpost Lounge is a great coffee shop with an backyard, local art, and in the evenings, beer and wine. Whether you need a cup of joe or something stronger, make sure you find your way to 1014 Fulton St. MAP

Bobo Tapas: All this coast to coast feuding can sure make a girl hungry! Jen decides to head to another place made notorious by music, Tom's Diner. As heard in this Suzanne Vega song. It is always nice to see you and the miles upon miles of kitsch on the wall. We suggest the sweet potato pancakes. MAP

Sanctuary: Jen needs to figure out a way to use the "doo doo doo doo" of Tom's diner as the back beat to her next chart smashing hit, and to do that she needs a place to gather her creative thoughts. She heads to the fountain near Grand Army Plaza. Who knows, maybe in her next video she'll use mermaids like the ones in the fountain! MAP

Public Bathroom: The sound of rushing water is starting to have an effect on Jen. For our most high culture public bathroom to date, Jen heads to the Brooklyn Museum. Located at the corner of Eastern Parkway and Washington Ave, the museum has rotating exhibits focusing on modern and feminist art...and really, really nice bathrooms. MAP

Meet-up spot: Jen wants to try a drink called "thug passion" she heard about in a song by SOME OTHER RAPPER so she heads to Soda Bar located just down the street from the fountain at Grand Army Plaza at 629 Vanderbilt. The Soda Bar has movie showings, a backyard and a full menu. A great place to bring your entire entourage. MAP

At the end of the day, Jen may not have any gold records to show from following in Biggie's footsteps, but she does have a new found love and respect for the streets where he was raised....or at least where they filmed the movie about the streets where he was raised.

Jen's Bonus Track: Jen recommends Brooklyn Flea  every Saturday in the summer and into the late fall. Make sure to say hi to Shawn the bike guy. MAP

Meghan's Bonus Track: Big surprise.  It's a bar. Weather Up is a great place for old timey cocktails and third dates. YOWZA!!! MAP