Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Basics 10021: Bobo in SoHo

It’s a late summer Friday and Jen has a temp job at a non-profit on Broadway and Bond.  It's the last summer Friday of the year, and she is super-excited. Of course, with half day Fridays come half day paychecks so she needs to be smart with her coins in this schmancy neighborhood. Can she kill time for the afternoon before meeting up with her date without spending a bajillion dollars? 

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Printable Lists and Maps!

Co-Fi: Housing Works Book Store 126 Crosby St. MAP
Good coffee, great staff, awesome cause.

Bobo Tapas: La Hore 132 Crosby St. MAP
Food so good, it doesn't need a website. Taxi driver endorsed.

Sanctuary: Desalvio Playground  Mulberry St. and Spring St. MAP
Relaxing, plenty of seating, and close to Rice to Riches

Public Toilet: The Apple Store 103 Prince St.  MAP
The great lighting and big mirrors may inspire you to take a podcasting workshop when you’re done.

Meetup Spot: Lure Fish Bar 142 Mercer St. MAP 
You can live like the jet set at half the price during happy hour. 

Jen’s Bonus Track: Balthazar Bakery 80 Spring St. MAP
If your date doesn’t want to kiss you after this dessert, move on.

Meghan’s Bonus Track: Pomodoro Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria 51 Spring St. MAP 
Two words: vodka slice.

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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Way We Get By.

Allow us to introduce ourselves: We are Meghan O'Neill and Jen Katz, The Budget Conscious New Yorkers (BCNY). We're two artsy-types who often find ourselves doing the strangest things to get by, financially and creatively.

Like most artsy-types, we're rarely in one zip code for very long. A typical day for us might include waking up at 6 am to sign up for an audition on the midtown west side, a temp job in SoHo, teaching an acting class on the midtown east side, a rehearsal for one gig in Chelsea, and possibly a performance of another back on the midtown west. A busy day for sure, but what about those random snatches of time in between all of these events?

Small, but common examples of time snatches:

*The mandatory lunch hour at a temp job in 10012

*The non-manditory 2-3 hours between interviews for two temp agencies in 10021

*The awkward 75 minutes between the sign-up time and actual audition time in 10036

*The overwhelming need to pee after an overpriced and bland latte in 10023

* A place to meet a friend to rant about an audition, a temp job, or to decompress in 11215 after a long day

The art of wallet-friendly time fillage for a New Yorker is one of the hardest things to get the hang of, and since we the are experts in that, please allow our bank-breaking trial and error be your easily-learned non-lesson.

So, if you know you're going to visit one of the strange and faraway lands that we've covered, print out our weekly list and take it with you. If you're out and about, ask someone what zip code you're in (we New Yorkers actually do love to help), open your smartphone and visit our site . If you know you're going to need to something to do on the train besides read the really lame SubTalk ads, download us. Follow this here link to iTunes, subscribe to us, and we will magically float into your ipod every week.

The BCNY can help. We're here. We're cheap. And if you buy us cocktails, we'll make you laugh.

This is the way we get by.

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