Monday, December 7, 2009

11201: I Fell In Love With a Borough in Brooklyn Heights(ish)

Our lovely guest host, Sarah, takes us through the neighborhood she fell in love with in the borough she fell in love with.

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CoFi: Tea Lounge She's a little smaller than her Park Slope sister, but you can crack open your laptop and split the tea for one just as easily.

Bobo Tapas: Waterfalls Cafe Get full on four bucks? Please DO go chasin' these waterfalls.

Sanctuary: Cobble Hill Park. Strollers, benches, and a little bit of Buddha. No turf wars here.

Public Bathroom: Trader Joe's. Conveniently located by the coffee and samples counter.

Meetup Spot: Tazza on Henry Street. Warm, inviting, yum on the go and delish for a cozy night out.

Jen's Bonus Track: Sahadi Importing Co. The best fresh hummus in Brooklyn. Hands-down.

Sarah's Bonus Track: Bookcourt. Roomy indy bookstore with a knowledgeable, highly- literate staff.

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