Thursday, January 28, 2010

10023: A Food and Wine Paradiso

Actress, producer, director, editor, and everythinger, Sayle Milne introduces us to her Upper West Side turf. This Tennessee native navigates us through what could potentially be an expensive neighborhood to spend the day in. Listen closely for Jen's subtle change in accent. Southern is contagious.

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CoFi: Cosi. Great people watching along Broadway, and noone is going to shuttle you out.

Public Bathroom: Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Come in for the toilet, come out smelling like cinnamon potpourri.

Bobo Tapas: Gray's Papaya.  Tasty, cheap dogs and reference #1 to Salma Hayek. See if you can figure it out.

Sanctuary: The Promenade and Pier at 72nd Street and The Hudson River. Boat watching, and people shaking their bon bons in public spaces.

Meetup Spot: Riposo 72: Friendly, romantic, great wine and tapas. Sayle says to ask for Steve. I'm not sure what you should say to him after that, but just ask for Steve.

Sayle's Bonus Tracks:
La Vela Ristoraunte.  If you asked them to make you a block of parmesan cheese from scratch, they might just do it for you.
Levain Bakery. Chocolate chip goodness the size of hubcaps.

Jen's Bonus Track: Cafe Frida.  Latin Fusion with a Mexican base. Two words: Fish tacos. BAM.

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